Rina di Montella

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Rina diMontella has always been known as a Social Occasion designer with a focus on high fashion.

Her design sense commands a sophisticated look with an acute sense of taste for elegance and glamour. They featured streamlined silhouettes in luxurious fabrications with elaborate beading and embroidery. Her designs have garnered international acclaim in both Social and Bridal. Rina and her sister Dora have maintained a family business with a concentrated focus on attention to detail and customer service. The simple, yet elegant design of the Rina diMontella collection presents a modern, young attitude adaptable to a myriad of festive occasions.



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1318 Soft Taffeta Bolero Jacket and Shawl Colors: Gray, Purple, Burgundy, Teal, Navy, Black, Royal Blue, Cocoa, Wine, Brown, Ivory Sizes: 4-28 ..
1439 Poly silky chiffon with jacket and shawl Colors: Navy, Black, Burgundy, Caribbean, Caladon, Coral, Cocoa, Dove Gray, Ivory, Orchid, Purple, Royal Blue, Ruby Red, Sapphire, Taupe, Teal Sizes: 4-2 ..
POLY SILKY CHIFFON Colors: Taupe, Dove Gray, Navy, Royal Blue, Sapphire, Orchid, Caribbean, Burgundy, Purple, Celadon, Teal, Ruby Red, Cocoa, Coral, Ivory, Black Sizes: 4-28 ..